My name is Candace Walraven, I am 24 years old and from Watertown, South Dakota. I have lived in Watertown my whole life, and graduated from Watertown High School in 2005. I have a 10-year-old brother, Maccrae, and a sister, Meara, who is 12. The fall after I graduated high school, I decided to take a year off and just work. I started working at Applebee's in Watertown and then became the service manager a year later. After five years of working at Applebee's, I decided I was ready to go back to school and find a career that I enjoy. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always interested in the medical field. I enrolled at Lake Area Technical Institute in the summer of 2010. Currently I am finishing up my generals and was just recently accepted into the Practical Nursing program for the fall of 2011.external image medicine%20and%20Stethoscope.gif

In the future after completing the Practical Nursing program at Lake Area Tech., I would like to continue on with the Registered Nursing program. If everything works out as planned, I would continue with my nursing education and receive my bachelor's degree in nursing. I have never worked in a clinic or hospital setting, so it's hard to know which department I would enjoy the most. As of right now, I find the most interest in the Emergeny Room of a hospital. Someday, my goal would to be come a nurse of anesthesia.

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When I do become a nurse, my work will include a variety of responsibilties. Whether it be assisting the doctor in procedures, taking vitals, or administering medications, the variety of tasks is endless. In any sort of work that a nurse does, a patient it always involved. I believe it is important for a nurse to be caring, affectionate, and patient. The reason why I would choose to be in the Emergency Room is because the pace is fast, the patients are in a health crisis, and you never know what would be coming through the door. I know I would be a great nurse. I have the heart to care for people, and still be able to make a quick decision to help the patient become healthy again.

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