Conclusion to my wikispace:

This project for human physiology has had its ups and downs for me. I was very overwhelmed at the beginning of this project, but towards the end it became easier everytime. Each chapter throughout this project was difficult, but after doing each page, I had to read the chapter and then change the words into my own. When I was changing these words, I had to understand the process in order for this concept to work correctly. This is something that I can keep forever, and I am very proud of all the hard work I have accomplished in this project. I have spent days and days on this whole wikispace. It's very important as a nurse that I understand all of these systems in the body. I will not be doing my job as a nurse if I don't totally understand each system. I would not want a nurse or any health care worker working with me as a patient. After this class in general I feel more educated on the physiology of the human body. I may not be able to remember everything from every system, but I can read it over and over to learn concepts from each system. The complex functions of each system was something I was never educated on until now. My favorite chapter was most likely the cardiology or reproduction and the hardest systems were the kidneys (urology), and endocrinology. Hopefully in the future I can master the functions of each system! =)